Law Firm Videos

Developing Distribution & Placement Schedules

At Legal Video of California, we develop a comprehensive plan to syndicate videos throughout a number of website and client platforms, including:

  • The Distribution Schedule – In addition to determining where videos will be placed, the second aspect of syndication is determining the schedule for video placement. The specific schedule will be dependent upon aspects such as the types of videos produced and the number of videos that are produced (for FAQ Videos). For maximum SEO video benefit, search engines often like to see ongoing additions to websites, such as new videos uploaded routinely over a number of months, rather than may videos added at once.
  • The Placement Schedule – We work with law firms to develop optimal strategies for creating and distributing video to their websites and across all social media platforms. Whether you need to help with developing a professional video package from scratch, or you need help turning your home-made video into a remastered quality version which can be distributed across all social media and web outlets. We can help.

For your ideal clients looking for a voice in the courtroom, having video shows them what they get.

Simply put, law firm websites that have video yield better results than those without. Especially for attorneys—people who seek out attorneys are looking for someone to represent their voice in the courtroom. They want to see how the attorneys conduct themselves, how well they speak, whether they can relate to them or not, etc. They’re generally looking to familiarize themselves with the practice they choose to be represented by.

If you’re thinking about creating a series of videos for your site, you might be asking yourself, “What do we talk about?”

  • Create a 1-2 minute video on each of your major practice areas
  • Answer the general questions that come up during initial consultations
  • Talk about what motivated you to become an attorney in your practice area
  • Talk about the charity work your law firm does to give back to the community

At LVC, we understand the importance of generating momentum behind video websites. We can show you examples of YouTube and Vimeo channels we’ve created. Each video can be picked up by an infinite number of blogs and other sites, redirecting traffic to your main site. We’ll show you how these videos can show up on the first page of search engines like Google and Bing.

Producing a video may seem like a formidable task, so it’s very important to do it right. Our team of specialists will lead you in the right direction. We can cover 10 or more short videos in a single day, that can be edited into marketing tools which we can spread across all social media platforms.

Domino Effect

At LVC, we can create a video platform on your site for all of your potential clients to watch and get familiar with. Each video can be linked to the page that describes, in further detail, the topic in the video. These videos can be added to any number of third party websites.

Linking videos to profiles such as Cornell’s Legal Information Institute, Google Business Listings, Yahoo Business Listing, Bing Business Listing, AVVO, and other profile based listings.

Curious in finding out more about adding video to your website?

Contact Legal Video of California if you were interested in finding out more about how video can be used for your law firm’s marketing, and ask for examples of the work that we’ve done for other firms. It’s important to be a step or two ahead of the competition, and at LVC, we are helping firms do just that.