Law Firm Overview

Demonstrate To Prospective Clients Why Your Law Firm Is The Right Firm By Enhancing Your Brand And Leadership Position Through Video

Creating Law Firm Video

Law Firm Overviews (LFO) provide clients with a 60-90 second video of why your firm is right for them. In this digital age it’s important to deliver the right message and present the right image to potential clients.

Your LFO could include:

  • Interaction amongst attorneys and staff
  • Case discussion between attorneys and clients
  • Footage of the firm’s interior and exterior
  • A brief description of the law firm by an attorney or partner
  • Testimonials of clients’ experienced with the firm

Strategically Creating Your Firm Overview Video

Here at Legal Video of California, we provide you with an hour-long consultation with our CEO and creative management team. We sit down with your firm’s representatives, discussing key elements and subjects to be featured in your video. This consultation is the foundation of the storyboard used as the blueprint for your production.

We will layout and discuss the following:

  • Scenes to be filmed
  • Attorneys, partners, staff to be featured
  • Key points to be addressed
  • Key questions to be asked
  • Answers to questions
  • Success rate (cases won, etc.)
  • Testimonials

Is the Video Scripted?

Based upon our research and workflow, it is best to let things happen organically. It is important to demonstrate to potential clients that you’re not an actor reading a teleprompter.

How Much Time is Required?

Generally speaking LVC take up to 3 hours to film, depending on the scope of material covered.