Law Firm Collage Videos

An affordable video solution for attorneys and law firms!

Collage videos consist of images combined with moving elements and a professional voiceover. Unlike Law Firm Videos, which are usually shot on site at the law firm, collage videos use images of the firm, attorneys, staff, and facilities. Stock images can also be provided. Because collage videos don’t require attorneys to be in front of the camera, they can be a good alternative or addition to LFV’s in the event attorneys are hesitant to be filmed.

Types of Collage Videos

Firm Overview Collage

Can be done in the same manner as a firm overview video, substituting still images for video. Given that a videographer is not needed and attorneys do not have to spend their time filming, Collage Videos can often be completed quicker than regular videos, and are much less demanding on the law firm.

Practice Area Collage

Can be used to explain one or more firm practices of the firm. In addition to the voice-over explanation of a practice area, slides can be used in the video to highlight a firm’s experience. Bullets can be used to point out particular details and key aspects. Animation could also be used in the slides.

Attorney Profile Collage

Can be produced to highlight the experience of a particular attorney of the firm, much like the Practice Area Collage videos. This is great for firms with multiple attorneys in various fields of expertise. A great way to outline and personalize attorneys to your prospective clients.

Collage videos offer a powerful and inexpensive solution for both the law firm’s promotions, as well as the attorneys.