Client Testimonial Video

Let Satisfied Clients Promote You and Your Firm!

Testimonial videos are a powerful way to promote your firm to prospective clients. Why not let them tell the world? Client testimonial videos can be paired with natural and engaging shots of you and your firm, or they can serve as a stand-alone video. These can be integrated in many different ways on different platforms to help sell your firm’s services.

Filming is done with clients talking about their experience with the attorney or law firm, much in the same manner as if they were explaining their views to a friend.

Client Testimonial Ethics

Before filming a video, you should first ensure that such a video is permissible under the ethics rules of your jurisdiction. Assuming that testimonials are permissible, there are a number of aspects that should be considered, including the following:

Aspects of your services not related to the results achieved. Talk about matters such as:

  • How your firm was always available to answer questions
  • How tenaciously your firm worked on the client’s behalf
  • How well you and your firm treated the client

Aspects that are entirely within your control:

  • Guarantee that you will work diligently for your client
  • Promise that you will return calls promptly
  • Assurance of prioritization of clients – Always make them feel first!