Attorney FAQ Video

Frequently Asked Question videos, sometimes referred to as Q&A’s or Q&A Videos, are an extremely popular and effective way for attorneys to convey expertise, provide information, enhance a firm’s image, and connect with clients across digital platforms.

Services included with the Q&A Package:

  • Strategic consultation to identify goal
  • Brand development and enhancement
  • Structure of FAQ with answers and talking points
  • Video editing, including sound and color enhancement, wrapper creation, music
  • Integration
  • Video development and web integration(YouTube, Vimeo)
  • Uploading to firm’s site
  • Uploading to all social media platforms

FAQ Video Details:

  • Typical video length: 30 – 90 seconds
  • Each video addresses a separate question or informational point of concern for a firm’s clients
  • FAQ Videos contain an opening slide presenting the question, and a closing slide providing the firm’s contact information and a call to action
  • Background music for intro and closing
  • Up to 10 videos can be filmed per hour

Questions About FAQ Videos:

Are FAQ Videos scripted?

FAQ Videos are not scripted because they are designed to simulate an informal conversation between an attorney and a potential client. Scripting can detract from the natural conversation flow and tone. We do provide a list of the questions and a few points that can be addressed during filming. We can also provide a visual prompt for these points if desired.

How are FAQ Videos filmed?

Our goal is to create a relaxed atmosphere to help attorneys perform at their best. Prior to filming, we review all of the question and the points we’ll be addressing. Our team then sets the lighting, sound, and cameras and preps the set. Once everything is set, we ask the questions and you provide the answers. The points and questions will be reviewed prior to filming.

What if I’m not good in front of a camera?

Based on our experience, most attorneys are very good in front of a camera, especially when discussing their field of expertise. Prospective clients aren’t looking for actors, but rather someone they can trust, so the more natural, the better. Our focus is to successfully deliver a message to your clients.  The more comfortable you are, the more natural the delivery becomes.