Trial Presentations

Legal Video of California is a full service trial presentation and litigation support firm, specializing in the preparation and execution of an integrated evidence presentation. We provide lawyers and law firms with stellar combination of leading edge trial preparation services and strategic trial consulting.

LVC has assisted with the integration of documents, photographs, graphics, video, animation, and other exhibits into a clear and convincing computer-based courtroom presentation, utilizing only the most modern courtroom technology. Whether involved in a single day dispute resolution proceeding or a six month trial, we at LVC understand the demands of large complex litigations and conform to the varying styles of numerous litigators. From discovery, to verdict, and often to appeal, Legal Video of California provides customized presentation support and equipment configurations for any litigation communication challenge and venue.

These days, cases are no longer won with just a great lawyer and indisputable facts. Our trial presents and trial technicians are experts in a wide range of trial support services which increase the visual impact of your argument in the courtroom. 

TrialDirector Certified Trainer

A LVC Trial Technician is a TrialDirector specialist, and will personally manage every aspect of your digital trial presentation. TrialDirector is known for its simplicity and cost-efficiency, and seamlessly presents exhibits in almost every format. Documents, photos, video depositions, Acrobat, PowerPoint, Word, Excel and 3D animations can be integrated within this exceptional program. The key difference between TrialDirector and other programs like PowerPoint is that TrialDirector is not limited to just a slideshow program. It allows the attorney to select an exhibit in almost any format within seconds. TrialDirector’s database, search engine, synchronized deposition transcripts and compatibility with other software programs makes it a superior product.