Trial Consulting

The primary benefit of utilizing Legal Video of California is to have the opportunity to assess and develop an overall trial strategy. Our experience is derived through civil and criminal cases working on plaintiff and defense cases. Litigation strategy consultation can assist counsel in determining pre-trial research.

Most of our time is spent developing an effective trial strategy while working with witnesses and in jury selection. LVC trial consultants assist in the compelling ensemble of your case. We help structure opening statements, the presentation of evidence, and exhibit creation and cohesive closing arguments which lead to favorable verdicts for our clients. LVC strongly believe that your success in the courtroom begins with a flawless trial strategy. Our goal is to help witnesses become more confident and competent in the courtroom. As we work together, LVC draws on the witness’s experience, methodology, audio-visual technology, and expert knowledge of communication to help each witness be as effective as possible in presenting their information to the jury.