Video Will & Prenuptial Agreement

According to the American Guild of Court Videographers, proof of a document’s execution “becomes more certain when substantiated by a video recording,” meaning that a legal video recording that accurately captures a Last Will and Testament or Prenuptial Agreement execution can be proven invaluable, should the agreement be subsequently contested.

Having a will or prenup may not always be enough, as both are commonly contested and can often result in broken family relationships. With video documentation in place, this evidence deters any possible contests, as it allows the testator to explain his decisions and demonstrates his mental competence at the time of signing. While no video will or prenup can substitute for a written, signed, or witnessed document, it is an excellent additional tool to protect a written document’s validity.

As a Certified Court Video Specialist (CCVS), Legal Video of California is qualified to record legal video of both Last Will and Testament and Prenuptial Agreement executions.