Video Depositions

A videotaped testimony in which witnesses are asked questions by either attorneys or other agents, in order to determine the facts and mitigating circumstances of the case. Video depositions of a witness are generally taken under oath and outside of court. These videos may be used for in-court presentations as well as litigations. Visual evidence has been proven to be the most effective method during pre-trial and/or trial hearings. Video depositions add several significant elements to the process, here are a few:

  • Personal Appearance
  • Demeanor
  • Tone
  • Reactions
  • Voice Inflections

Any one of these elements can create a powerful impression to enhance your argument.

LVC provides a certified court video specialist who is prompt, professionally dressed, and sensitive to the importance of the deposition process.  We operate in accordance with the Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 30(b)(4), which governs the legal video recording of depositions for admission in a court of law. We use Hi-Def cameras with professional lighting, audio, and backdrops. Footage can also be recorded to DVD, flash drive, Dropbox, or any other format you may desire.

Court reporters are provided with an audio recording in a format of their choosing—generally done in an MP3 format. The original legal video recording is placed in a sealed envelope, along with the objection and colloquy form and a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Split Screen Video Deposition

Split Screen Video Deposition gives attorneys the ability to display any type of media file to a live witness electronically, including formats such as documents, exhibits, PowerPoint presentations, videos, photos, etc. While the witness is being viewed live via PiP (Picture in Picture), our specialists are able to perform actions like annotate the electronic display, zoom in and out of pictures, magnify areas, pan through documents, highlight, make notes, draw on, etc.

Designed for trial depositions and advanced mediation presentations, PiP saves money by having the clips ready for PowerPoint integration. The costs saved here can make quite the impact upon settlement negotiations.

Split Screen Video Deposition - Animation

Text-To-Video Synchronization Of Video Deposition Testimony

LVC utilizes the latest in voice recognition technology to synchronize the transcript with the video presentation. Transcript and video sync allows the viewer—be it the attorney, jury, or judge— to view the video deposition and the transcript simultaneously on the same screen. Our synchronized files are compatible with all leading trial presentation software, including TrialDirector, SanctionII, and Visionary. Legal Video of California provides deposition DVD’s using inData Corporation’s DepoView Viewer or YES LAW DVD that can be used on any computer. You can scroll to any page within the transcript and immediately see the video corresponding with that testimony. No fast forwarding or rewinding is required, as everything is digitized. You can even create custom clips and email them directly to your associates.