Video Conferencing

Here at Legal Video of California, we make video conferencing easy. Video conferencing is a great tool to keep costs down, given that it eliminates the need for travel and lodging, thus reducing the client’s fees. Having face-to-face conversations, even over video, provides a certain personal connection along with a strong human element during long-distance depositions. LVC can make all of the arrangements for both conference locations through our worldwide network.

Legal professionals use video conferencing before trial to take testimony or interview witnesses. Video conferencing is also useful for additional meetings between counsel, administrative and appeal hearings, and recently “Virtual Courts,” where defendants are tried remotely. It has an advantage over face-to-face meetings, in that testimonies and interviews can be recorded for subsequent review.

Video conferencing is very cost-effective, eliminating coast-to-coast travel time and expenses for meetings, depositions, or conferences. We have extensively coordinated state-of-the-art video conferencing facilities to connect worldwide networks of video conference sites in an effort to cut significant costs for our clients.

Uses Of Video Conference

Convenience and Economy

Rather than traveling to the witness’s location, it would be more economical for a counsel team to conduct proceedings from either their place of work or from our video conferencing facilities.

In the Courthouse

Your experts or witnesses can testify live from remote locations.

From Your Office or Hotel

Video deposition testimony can be set up over the internet, allowing your client to view the testimony from any location.


There could be a situation where the witness is available for a short period of time or on very short notice and there is no time to travel. Multiple depositions of various out-of-state witnesses can also be conducted on the same day.