Site Inspection Video

Leak Test

Edison Electrical Test

Visual Inspection videos can bring the physical locations to the courtroom. They give the jury a better feeling of where and how the incident took place, and are integral to multimedia trial presentations and are an important part of the digital litigation process because of their numbers applications.

To create the video, a Legal Video of California videographer travels to case-related sites and professional Hi-Def cameras to document every visible inch of the property or evidence.

Options include:

Visual Support

Site inspections can be used to support litigation strategy by digitally recording physical sites ranging from property destruction to accident scenes. A video site inspection could be used at a burned home or a car that caught fire due to electrical faults, to visually record all aspects of physical damage and could later be used to prove or disprove negligence.

Remote Locations

Site inspection videos re a great way to footage of a remote or distant location into the courtroom. USLS travels to the location and shoots with the attorney’s direction.

Dispute Settlement

Sometimes, situations may arise where the condition of a property must be documented in order to settle a claim or dispute between two parties who have a mutual interest in that property.

Digital Stills

Still pictures may also be taken and edited in the video. A powerful byproduct of the video site inspection is the digital still frames that can be pulled from each video. Each Site Inspection Video created be separated and used as a digital photograph during the trial, providing millions of potentially case-winning pieces of evidence. This feature allows clients to hand pick specific pictures to exhibit, further influencing jurors by visually highlighting important evidence.

Professional Procedures

LVC can also film medical procedures or anything else which may need to be on official video record. We can take the finished video, add chapter markers and author a DVD that gives instant access to all of the important starting points of the video, making presentation in court very precise and professional.