Proof of Damages

These time/date stamped video documentations are often used to support an insurance claim or other litigation, and generally documents any damages sustained to personal or commercial property as a result of an accident, negligence, or act of God.

Common Documentations


When documenting damages done to a structure for an insurance claim, a video will graphically show the fractures and strains that are the foundation of the case. Our videographers can film in one continuous shot to clearly communicate the full impact of the state of damages, and follow up with closer, more detailed shots if need be.

Personal Injury

A detailed video documentation of your client’s personal injury, often recorded at client’s doctor’s office.


Pertaining to automotive accidents, a detailed video documenting the damages done to a vehicle.

For general information regarding proof of damages and damage surveys, or if you would like a free consultation to determine whether these services are suited to your needs, please contact Legal Video of California.