Mediation Documentaries

AKA “Settlement Documentaries” or “Settlement Brochures”

Mediation Documentaries are an effective tool to impose the strength of your case upon opposition counsel and can help promote a settlement before the case ever reaches the court room. They provide a highly effective means of presenting your case in a private viewing, hearing, mediation, or arbitration.

Because these documentaries will never be presented in trial, they have no legal restrictions on content. We are able to make great use of all the techniques and creativity that the visual medium provides to ensure a deep emotional impact on its viewers.

With a combined 25+ years of videography experience, LVC can bring great production quality to these 10-30 minute films. We often utilize professional voiceover talent, experienced script background writers, background music, professional actors, scene reenactments, Powerpoint incorporations, and utilization of special effects.

The only segment of the film which can be shown to the jury is the “Day In The Life” or ADL documentary, because they are created with a very strict legal protocol but can be filmed concurrently with the mediation documentary. Our story-telling experience and high production values will speak for themselves.