Editing & Digital Post Production

At Legal Video of California, we maintain a full post production department to provide you with any editing services you may need. Hi-Def and standard editing facilities, voiceover recordings, transferring and duplication are all done in our post production facility.

Whether it’s documentary, video enhancement, slow motion, still images from video, titles, etc., it is quickly produced by our team of experts. We are fully equipped with the latest in post production software and editing systems and our talented editing team is prepared to meet all of your needs. We also specialize in converting video depositions or any footage into a multipart DVD, complete with a menu system, to allow streamline navigation in the courtroom.

  • Video editing and clip creation
  • Split Screen Video Deposition
  • Surveillance video enhancement
  • Forensics – audio & video
  • Text to video synchronization
  • Video file conversation
  • Tape to digital (digitizing)
  • Object removal
  • Animation & trial graphics
  • Digital photography
  • Training videos

Split Screen Video Deposition – Animation

Split Screen Video Deposition gives attorneys the ability to display any type of media file to a live witness electronically, including formats such as documents, exhibits, PowerPoint presentations, videos, photos, etc.

Text-To-Video Synchronization Of Video Deposition Testimony

We specialize in the video conversion and text-to-video synchronization of videotaped depositions. Our synchronized files are compatible with all leading trial presentation software, including TrialDirector, SanctionII, and Visionary. Legal Video of California provides deposition DVD’s using inData Corporation’s DepoView Viewer or YES LAW DVD that can be used on any computer. You can scroll to any page within the transcript and immediately see the video corresponding with that testimony. No fast forwarding or rewinding is required, as everything is digitized. You can even create custom clips and email them directly to your associates.

Video Transferring & Duplication

LVC can transfer most video footage to DVD. Our final product can be in the form of any media format. If you have any questions as to what formats would best suit your needs, feel free to give us a call for a consultation so that we can better assist you with you post production requirements.