Day In The Life

A Day In The Life (AKA “DIL”) video documents the plaintiff’s daily routine, and can demonstrate potential damages he or she has sustained due to an injury, and the subsequent impact it has on his or her life. According to the American Guild of Court Videographers, this method is considered to be “the best form of evidence a jury has” to determine damages. With the demonstration of the emotional, physical, and financial challenges your client is forced to deal with on a daily basis as a result of an incident, this method is often the best way to present compelling evidence to arbitrators, mediators, defendants, insurance companies, or a jury.

In order to develop a detailed production plan to ensure that all essential elements of the plaintiff’s story are delivered in an effective manner, we work closely with the attorneys and their clients in structuring the proper presentation. Documenting your client’s life through healthcare, therapy, hospital stays, physical rehab, and anything else will ensure delivery of the impact on your client’s life to the courts.

LVC understands the importance of letting the injury and its impact speak for itself, and that it is equally important to portray the plaintiff’s condition in an honest, accurate and objective manner, in order to ensure admissibility in a court of law.

As a Certified Court Video Specialist (CCVS), we use state-of-the-art legal video, audio, and lighting equipment in all of our videos. Our high-definition cameras ensure that visual evidence is crystal clear. Our editing is done in-house to ensure a quick and cost-effective turnaround.