Courtroom Presentations

It’s a known fact that people retain more information when presented with visual aids, same thing goes for courtroom juries. Presenting everyone in the courtroom with your videos, photos, and documents on a large screen benefits your case tremendously. Legal Video of California can combine trial graphics with presentation technology to help deliver an effective and persuasive courtroom presentation.

Types of Presentations


Sometimes in the form of a PowerPoint, effective demonstrations such as exhibits, depositions, animations, graphs and charts can be shown to opposing counsel during negotiations. This gives the opposing counsel a glimpse of what a jury may experience while at trial.


Video depositions are edited and graphics are developed for the presentation of the case. USLS provides a trial consultant/computer operator and all necessary audio and visual equipment for the trial. We plan and supply all of the necessary projection and/or exhibition equipment in order to produce a visually effective courtroom presentation.

Visual Aids

On-screen presentations of evidence such as handwriting samples, DNA, ballistics, or 3D objects at high magnification is significantly more effective than having the jury pass it around amongst themselves. MRI’s, X-Rays, and film negatives can be presented at full size with a back-lit panel for maximum clarity and detail, allowing everyone in the courtroom to experience it simultaneously.