Construction Surveys

Construction-related videography has become increasingly popular for providing visual proof of either the status of an area prior to construction or during the progress of construction. Construction firms that perform major projects are using videos to document the condition of the neighborhood and/or existing property before, during, and after the construction process.

The easiest and most efficient way to avoid frivolous or unwarranted suits is to document the before, during, and after each significant phase of the construction project. Because the potential causes of construction litigation are vast, the end result is typically expensive for the party being sued.

Legal Video of California provides video documentation of all critical elements of the construction process. For admittance in a court of law, the video is properly stamped with date and time, and a notarized statement is provided upon completion, along with a signed certificate of what was videotaped. Our recognition by the courts as a disinterested third party allows the video documentation to carry powerful weight in court, validating your client’s position.